Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mallorca 2012 Day 3

 A mixed bag of weather waited for us today.
Our  planned ride of 70+ miles turned into a wet, cold and windy 35miler.

Brr, under shirt and arm warmers plus the "just in case" rain jacket were necessary today.
It was still ok at the start of the ride, but coming into the second roundabout in Arta, rain began to hit,
well, than we just turn left toward Port Cristo where it look promising warm and sunny.

Only to find out that 2 miles down the road, the rain picked up even more.
Fighting a stiff head wind we made our way to Porto Cristo and found shelter at one of the board walk cafes to warm us up with hot cocoa and coffee.

Amazing how small the world is, taking a picture of a business across from the coffee shop.

The weather never got better, so we made the decision to ride back and bite the bullet.
Darn...headwind and more rain and a flat, by then we looked like coal miners, so much grid and grime
on Spanish roads.

A hot shower and the afternoon in the restaurant watching the Giro made up for the miserable morning. Before 5pm it all cleared up.

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