Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mallorca 2012 Getting there....

On our way

In general, traveling today via air is as you know, especially if you live on the most remote island in the world, not only stressful and annoying, it is indeed extremely time consuming.

So getting to Europe is a 26+hr adventure on its own.

With much anticipation and countless hours on United’s web site, trying to book a flight, as well as carefully planning our route to Mallorca we came to the conclusion that using miles is a big pain in the rear.

But we got lucky and found a Fist Class/Business class ticket using less miles than  in economy,
Explain that to me!

No explanation necessary, fly with a partner of a lesser quality than United, yes read again,
there is a step lower in service and you quickly find out.

This is a simple observation, or for my sake, I am picky.

US Airways, wow, First Class seats are as big as United’s, but the space to your  fellow traveler in front of you  for the next gazillion hours is as small as in every other Economy Class seat. Not to mention that the seats wont recline passed 15 degrees.
I’ll cut through all the “observations” like flight attendants and their terms of service etc.

So 7 ½ hrs later with one quick stop in Phoenix we landed at Dallas / Forth Worth international airport. Yehaa, what an airport, huge, clean, with concourses lit in natural light and
plenty of things to do and great restaurants.

2:45hrs of lay over went by more like 30 minutes,  that had to do with the fact that the menu
of the Irish restaurant “Bennigan’s” topped every menu in our town for what I would guess half of the price.

So do me a favor if you ever get to DFW and check out this cool place.

Lufthansa, now this is an airline, well its German, nothing else to explain.
Fortunate enough we were able to travel for the next 10 hrs in style.
Almost lie flat seats, plenty of personal entertainment, great food and spirits.
But even 10hrs is style is a frikin’ long way in the air.

Finally we arrived in Palma, Mallorca’s capitol city after a 45min delay at around 1pm on Tuesday afternoon.

Ahhh finally vacation.

I have been to Mallorca about 10 times, but every time I get back here I am amazed of the beauty of this island, pretty soon you’ll find out yourself.

A short 45min drive got us to our “pad” for the next 2 weeks.
Regina and Sonja, the rest of the Sauerland Team greeted us at our favorite place, the restaurant by the pool.

Tomorrow, bike fitting and a short 80k ride.

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  1. Lesser quality than United? I didn't think that such a thing existed...
    Anyway, if you think that getting there was awful, wait until you come back- enjoy your 8+ hour layover on the west coast in the early hours of the morning, when even Starbucks isn't open!