Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mallorca Day 14

Second to last day of riding.

Another climb to one of the greatest places to see Mallorca from the top is called Puig de Randa,
a 1500 foot mountain top close to Palma.

The plan was to ride to the top of the Randa and continue to the small fishing village of Cala Figuera to show the gang  the beautiful bay of the above mentioned village.

Two weeks of riding took its toll again and only Franz and me started the day for another epic ride.
The rest of the riders took it easy and went for a shorter ride or shopping.

Cold temperatures make me go to the bathroom more often, and I have a 5 mile bladder,
that's what my fellow riders tell me anyway, so after 5 miles I had to do a pit stop and told Franz to go ahead not to slow down and continue the ride " I'll catch up shortly"
"Take a left after the gas station" I shouted and Franz went ahead with the ride.

I saw him disappear over the hill and started riding, calculating that he would have about a 500 meter
advantage, so I pushed hard to catch up, never had a problem before, but today, a day after a real rest day my legs felt a little sluggish at this moment, hhhmmm, I am going hard and no Franz?

Well, come on Oliver, give it a little more, so I opened up the gas and went almost full throttle,
no sign of Franz, that fellow is fast today!
Knowing that his navigation skills are not the best I figured that he would wait for me at the next round about, nothing!

I had to make a decision at this point, either he took the wrong turn, not possible, there is only one turn past the gas station, I would have to go back track, but that would get me in trouble with Peter, our support waiting for us on top of the Randa, darn......

Kept on going, met a nice guy from Germany with the same ambitions to climb up Randa,
thinking that it'll all work out for good and Franz will wait for me at the top with his big smile on his face when he beats me.

Oh my, no Franz at the top, but shortly after I stopped, Peter showed up and told me that Franz was safe back at the hotel???

What the ...?

Franz indeed took a wrong turn.

Enjoying my Ice Coffee at the top I decided that this is it, lets go and drive back to the hotel and let this ride be a great end to our vacation.

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