Monday, May 14, 2012

Mallorca 2012 Day11

The most Epic Ride!

This was the best ride ever.
Scheduled 200k / 125 mi to the bay of Sa Calobra and back.

Clear skies and cool temperatures waited for us at the start of the ride.
The first real climb started at mile 40.

A nice tree cover protected us from over heating.

We made our way to the first top of the climb and stopped at the Lluc monastery for a quick food and fluid refill.

Several BIG rollers got us to the entrance of Sa Calobra,  surprisingly a downhill of 12k started with a 2.5k climb with an average 6% grade!

I have a great video of the downhill I'll try to download at a later point.

After 8 hrs in the saddle, 120mi of riding and 8808ft of climbing we made it back to the hotel, right in time for a well deserved dinner.

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